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Restaurant Service Solutions (RSS)* is firmly committed to providing our customers with reliable products through Authorized Resellers. To ensure RSS customers receive the quality service they deserve, we select Authorized Resellers who share our vision. We expect our resellers to provide pre-delivery and post-delivery service and to maintain knowledgeable personnel.

  • Purchases by Authorized Reseller are strictly limited for resale to end-users and not for self-consumption.
  • RSS shall sell Products to the Reseller at the prices listed, less the discount rate.
  • Revised pricing for Resellers will be displayed on the QSRStore web site only after the grant of Authorized Reseller status approval.
  • RSS may revise the discount rates provided without notice to the Reseller. (Revisions will apply to all orders accepted by RSS after the effective date of the revision)
  • The Authorized Reseller will not transship, resell, or advertise for resale the product except as a part of an installed sale.
  • The Authorized Reseller will not transship, resell, or advertise for resale the product online or otherwise to any third party for resale.

Requesting Authorized Reseller status from RSS constitutes full agreement to the above statement. Authorized Reseller status can be revoked by RSS at any time. is an eCommerce site fully owned and operated by RSS Technology Solutions, a Strategic Partner of QSR Automations

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