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Disposable Earpad Covers
Disposable Hygenic Sanitary Earpad Covers

After each use, the Disposable Ear Pad Covers can be removed and discarded. Stretches and secures on most small headphones.

** Fits HME EOS Headsets sold on this web site. (SKU 202.2031) 

SKU: 201.0321
NEW HME EOS Drive-Thru Replacement Headset*

Innovative wideband technology expands the audio range of EOS|HD to include higher and lower voice frequencies than standard digital drive-thru headsets.

See HME Equipment Sanitization Recommendations document download after clicking [DETAILS] button below. Replacement headset earfoam can be purchased (here). 

* Requires BATTERY - HME BAT50 720mAh (SKU 202.0215)

$710.00 - $795.00
SKU: 202.2031
Headset Ear Foam (Compatible with HME EOS Headsets) Non-OEM

How often do you change out the earpads on your headsets? Reduce contamination risk with frequent replacements.

SKU: 201.0303
KP-7500 Keypad
KP-7500 Keypad (with pigtail)

Building on more than fifteen years of bump bar engineering excellence, the highly reliable KP-7500™ keypad ships with an unmatched three-year hardware limited warranty. With twenty programmable keys, the KP-7500 provides a sophisticated key technology that offers an enhanced tactile feel and a proven thirty million pushes.


$250.00 - $280.00
SKU: 111.0031
Xceed Controller - DE-4100
xCeed Kitchen Controller (DE-4100)

QSR's xCeed® kitchen controller provides an extremely robust, flexible and cost-effective solution for reliably running graphical kitchen automation software applications.

$575.00 - $599.00
SKU: 111.0003
ePic Controller - DE-4000
ePIC Video Controller (DE-4000)

QSR’s ePic video controller sets the industry standard for open ethernet kitchen display hardware. Today, thousands of restaurant businesses reliably power their kitchen displays with the ePic controller.

$475.00 - $499.00
SKU: 111.0001